Edito 2018

20 ans

Il y a 20 ans était créé Cratère / Surfaces, 1er festival des Arts de la Rue en Languedoc-Roussillon : les artistes se mettaient en scène dans les rues ou sur les places offertes à 360 degrés à tous les publics.

Alès International Outdoor Festival a gagné en surface sur le territoire alésien et offre une visibilité aux compagnies et professionnels internationaux. L’esprit d’origine souffle encore sur le festival et ses 20 berges : celui de l’invention artistique partagée avec une ville et ses festivaliers, celui qui hume l’air du temps pour mieux respirer la vie.


Denis Lafaurie


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8th, 9th and 10th July 1999: the first edition of Cratère Surfaces, the first festival devoted to street arts in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Denis Lafaurie, the director of Cratère, la scène nationale (the national scene) in Alès, decided to take his theatre to the streets as a way of going to those who dare to open their doors. Furthermore, he wanted to prove that the role of the actor on the streets is just as significant as their role in the theatre room. During the first few years, an annual theme was chosen: ‘mechanical structures,’ ‘family meeting,’ ‘movement,’ ‘a strange atmosphere,’ and ‘back to the place.’ Since 2010, the festival has become international and has made its name as the “Alès international outdoor festival”. Carrying out its first exchange with England, the festival has opened its doors to European companies and even offers Alesian shows in English. Eager to offer top-level entertainment, the festival is characterized by a strong artistic line-up, encouraging among others, theatre actors to take on the streets. The well-known, Cratère Surfaces attracts professionals from all over the world who often bring shows that they have discovered in Alès back to their own country. 2014, a new era, rooted in the Cévennes, the festival fills the streets of Alès and for three days we discover exceptional works in remarkable landscapes, before it returns to its urban euphoria in its remaining last two days.

Denis Lafaurie

Director of Le Cratère, scène nationale* d’Alès

(* « scene nationale » is a label granted by the French Ministry of Culture to a selection of public theatres, producing and programming contemporary performances)